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Find Law

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U.S. Government Craig's List Drug Reference
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National Weather

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Ebay Consumer Reports Earthquakes
Shipping Calculator News Search  Newspapers Online
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100 Best Websites

All Movie Guide Education Directory
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The utmost extent of manís knowledge, is to know that he knows nothing.


All men by nature desire knowledge

downtown Detroit panorama

If one has determination, then things will get done.

manhattan panorama 01

Truthful words are not beautiful. Beautiful words are not truthful.

Singapore (Mount faber) 1

Knowing ignorance is strength. Ignoring knowledge is sickness.

My village. Panorama.

The future of ones life should be the path of knowledge.

Greek Panorama

He who knows when to stop does not find himself in trouble.


Keep things simple

Panorama 1

Nothing is permanent. Things always change.

Arizona Panorama 1

If you keep looking for things which are not there, you are bound to fail.

Winter landscape 2

Always find perfection in simplicity.

English Autumn 4

Natureís way is simple and easy.

fall scene

True guidance always comes from above.

Sky panorama with clouds

In the pursuit of learning, every day something is acquired.

Lake Kerikini from Belles mountain

You can see the truth by seeking deep into your inner self.

CSP Port Elliot III

You should be guided by what you feel not what you see.

Mount Nebo

If you look deep into goodness of things. Light will shine upon you.

Lakes 4

You can always see things more clearly from a distance

warf  of the Petrobras 360į

Grand Canyon

Never over due things.

Rome Virtuality

Without desire there is tranquility.
CSP Lady Bay IV
In perfection you will always find simplicity.
CSP Lady Bay I
Dream, but donít make dreams your master.
CSP Lady Bay II
Go with the flow and contribute to the motion.
CSP Lady Bay III
Kindness from you will invite kindness to you.
CSP Surrealism II
Love is sweet in the beginning but sour in the ending.
CSP Beaches II
The female overcomes the male with stillness. Lying low in stillness.
CSP Beaches IV
Donít make any decisions unless it is in the cold light of day
CSP Beaches III
Life is to be universal. It is not to be claimed by boundaries that are set on you by mortal forces.
Fall Colors
Storm makes trees take deeper root.
Milford Park
Only when the change is discussed three times it is trusted.
If you look deep into the abyss, Abyss will gaze back into you.
me, myself and I 4

Always make time to learn, knowledge  is  power


The link section of our web is constantly being updated. New items are added and  we are constantly improving the content of all existing links.

We will be adding to this section soon.

Please check back.


ĎTis not too late to seek a newer world.

Searching man


About Every Day Online Links

Tools & Resources for every day use

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Links selected in our everyday online tools section are internet material useful for every day life.

Most Links are self explanatory.

This list is a great resource for everyone including children looking for information.

Below you will find description of some of our links.

Arranged in alphabetical order.



  1. 100 Best Websites

    Highest rated websites

  2. All Movie Guide

    A movie database, find out about most movies. Check movies by category, also includes a section for music.

  3. Atomic Clock

    The most accurate time on the net.

  4. Area Code Locator

     Find telephone area codes

  5. Article Search

    Search and browse through thousands of articles online

  6. Airport Status

    FAA airport status and flight information


    Reference material to almost any imaginable topic in the world.

  8. A To Z Health

    All you need about health, medicine, drugs, medical conditions and more.

  9. Best Internet Search

    Beaucoup, best internet search tool for accurate results.

  10. Categorized News


  11. Clocks

    All kinds of clocks and time information

  12. Consumer Reports

    Check on many commercial product and their ratings.

  13. Craig's List

    Free Listings for selling online, and purchasing from private sellers.

  14. Dictionary

    Merriam Webster dictionary, thesaurus, word pronounce and more 

  15. Distance Calculator

     Calculate distance between cities anywhere

  16. Drug Reference

    Drug reference by condition plus medical encyclopedia

  17. Earthquakes

    Real time earthquake reports in US and the Globe

  18. Earth Calendars

    Calendars for holidays worldwide and lunar phases.

  19. Ebay

    Auction and a great source to find rare items and sell yours.

  20. Education Directory

    Locate educational resources by state with information about many schools, colleges & universities

  21. Family History Records

    Genealogy and family record research tool.

  22. Find Law

     Great reference site for legal issues & locating proper legal services

  23. Food Recipes

    Our food recipe collection, Food from almost any country in the world organized by continent.

  24. Free Legal Advice

    Absolutely free legal advice, Many subjects covered.

  25. Grammar

    Great source for writing and checking proper grammar rules for writing.

  26. How Stuff Works

    General information about inner working of  products  and many other subjects, great source of information for education and good reading.

  27. Hot sheet directory

    Reference list and links to many useful sites and sources of information on the net.

  28. International Time

    Find out the time in all countries and most cities of the world.

  29. Info please

    Information on many resources and topics on the net.

  30. IRS

    IRS official web site, forms, tax laws Ect.

  31. Job Search

    Search for jobs or post jobs, Service by

  32. Kelley Blue Book

     Check new and used car prices

  33. Language Translation

    Translate simple phrases in many different languages very useful in areas with large ethnic diversity.

  34. Local Gas  Prices

     Check your local gas prices

  35. Math Tables

    Many math tables in different categories, great for students

  36. MSN Encarta 

    Encyclopedia, dictionary, thesaurus, world atlas, multimedia and much more.

  37. Month Calendar

    Monthly, yearly calendars and many other related information.

  38. Music Database

    Search for any album, music or song including classical music.

  39. National Weather

    Check you local weather reports and forecasts, by national weather service.

  40. News Search

    Best source for searching news in the past and present, great news research tool.

  41. Newspapers Online

    Reference to all news publications online.

  42. News Links

    Links to all the news resources on the net.

  43. Online Calculators

     Various useful calculators

  44. Public Records

    Check public records, and more, some require fees.

  45. Radio-Locator

    Locate radios in all states by subject, and play them online, probably the best we have seen.

  46. Real Time Traffic

    Find traffic in your area and avoid traffic delays.

  47. Rx List

    Internet drug library, great for checking drugs their applications and more.

  48. Reference Desk

    Reference to many useful resources on the net, mainly useful links.

  49. Research Tool

    Research tool for finding information on the net in one place.

  50. Repair Clinic

    Appliance Repair, Tips & Help, With resources for locating parts.
  51. Search the Bible

    Search the King James Bible for anything.

  52. Shipping Calculator

    A very simple but extremely useful tool for calculating and finding the best rates for shipping.

  53. Stock Photography

    Great source for locating photos for projects, many royalty free, make sure to check the photo usage status.

  54. Stocks & Research

    Check stock prices and current company information and related news.

  55. Timer

    A count up or count down timer online with sound.

  56. The Bible Online

    A Christian resource for Bible, text on line from old testament to new.

  57. Thesaurus

    Thesaurus, dictionary , and language reference tool with many features.

  58. Time&Date

    All you need to know about time and date with many features.

  59. Travel - Reservations

    Expedia, great resource for travel arrangements.

  60. TV guide

    Find local programming for your local TV channels and many interesting subjects about television.

  61. Unit Converters

     Convert units, weight , surface, Ect.

  62. U.S. Government

     The largest resource for accessing government information online.

  63. Wikipedia Reference

    One of the best reference resources on the web with many subjects covered

  64. World News

    Our news resources, tools for searching for all kinds of news on the net with only 4 links.

  65. Yahoo Maps

     User friendly maps & driving directions

  66. Yellow Pages

    Best resource for locating businesses and individual telephone numbers and addresses.

  67. Zip Code Finder

     Find zip codes in USA


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