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Mobile Food Industry Manufacturing Resources


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Mobile Food Manufacturing Resources

Catering Trucks, Lunch Trucks, Concession Trailers, Kiosks, Carts, Ect.

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Custom Concessions is the leader and most reputable manufacturer of concession trailers in the industry. Custom Concessions offers superior customer support before and after the sale. Nationwide warranty repair service and technical support are standard with all our concession trailers. And so is the five-year warranty on every mobile kitchen we sell.

concession trailers by custom concessions

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 Parts, Supplies, Accessories, Equipment




  • Armenco Catering Truck and Hotdog Cart Manufacturing Company
    Manufacturer of custom catering and motion picture trucks, hotdog
  • and coffee carts, craft service and specialty trailers and kitchens for the mobile food industry.


  • American Mobile Kitchens The American Mobile Kitchens team
  • includes veterans from the event marketing and mobile kitchen industries
  • with work that dates back to 1989. The headquarters is located in suburban Detroit
  • Al Star Carts  Full Service Manufacturer of Custom Made

  • High Quality Carts, Kiosks,Trucks and Trailers.

  • 214116


  • Austin National Smokers - Manufacturer of custom mobile
  •  rotisserie barbecue pit smokers featuring backyard, concession and
  •  competition style trailers.

Austin National Barbeque Pit Smokers
Austin National Smokers
Quality Barbecue Pits & Grills

  • Battlefield Ford       Catering Trucks, Ford Catering Trucks, Catering Truck Bodies, Food Service Trucks, Catering

  • CMS Systems
    Hotdog trailers and catering trucks, this Connecticut company
  •  builds and sells customizable quality food vending carts and
  • catering trucks world-wide.


  • Custom Kitchen Fabricators
    Manufacturer of stainless steel hotdog carts, vented
  • hoods, dishtables, sinks and tables.

Vending Trailer Model 7212Vending Trailer Model 7296Towable Hot Dog Cart


Specialty ItemsRoll Off Series PhotoCutter Series Photo

CK Corporation  Ice Cream Route Business & Used ice cream trucks

Custom Cart DesignCustom Green Cart Design

  • CMS Systems - Hotdog trailers and catering trucks,
  • this Connecticut company builds and sells customizable quality
  • food vending carts and catering trucks world-wide.


  • - Manufacturer of decals for hot or cold food, drink, ice cream concession cart and trailer decals. Online ordering.



  • Carts of Colorado  - Makers of mobile merchandising carts, kiosks, and modular store systems.
  • Offers used concession, food, and vending trailers, catering trucks, snack stands, and mobile kitchens.
  • Carriage Works, Inc.  Manufacturer of espresso and coffee carts, bakery carts, kiosks, and display carts. Custom orders accepted.
  • Danrob Custom Restaurant Equipment Limited
    Manufacturer of stainless steel products and mobile catering vehicles.


model_p-102_propane-.htmlmodel_pt-101_propane, trailer.html

  H & H Zamora Bros, Inc.    The catering truck & hot dog cart manufacturing company

5 metre stainless steel extraction canopyChinese takeaway shop

Ice Cream Truck Superstore Custom built concession trucks, catering and ice cream trucks

  • Jubilee Mobile Units - Manufacturer of catering trailers
  • and suppliers of catering equipment. Links to other manufacturers.


  • Kitchen Corps Mobile Services Kitchen Corps. Mobile Services is the nations' most versatile and dynamic provider of mobile kitchens and commercial equipment solutions.

Mobile Kitchen 14' X 8'Taco Cart 2

Photo: Mall kiosk with display brackets selling neck ties and men's accessoriesPhoto: Custom retail merchandising unit for specialty leasing program

  • Magnolia Carts - Manufacturer of ice cream carts for
  • hand dipped ice cream catering and vending. Carts include
  • an umbrella, graphics, dip well, hot and cold water hand sink.


Food Service Trailer -- Model 502

  • Nakamura Beeman, Inc - Custom snack, food and product
  •  mall kiosk manufacturer. Includes FAQ and contact forms.


  • Precision Carts - Cart manufacturer for hot dog, hot food,
  • coffee, refreshments and kitchens.


  • Regal Company , Regal Catering Truck Bodies, Inc. has been manufacturing catering equipment since 1987.
  • Seemoores Food Concession Trailers
    Manufacturer of mobile food concession trailers for
  •  ice cream, snacks and beverages.


  • Southern Yankee Barbeque
    Rotisserie pit smoker and backyard bar-b-q
  • concession trailers including custom and competition trailers.

Click for more picturesClick for more pictures

  • Snowie Shaved Ice
    Manufacturer of ice shaver equipment and kiosks for ice
  • cone flavor concentrated drinks.

  • Specialty Trailers - Manufacturer of custom made fabrication trailers providing new or used concession food, mobile command centers and medical trailers.

  • Schantz & Sons - Manufacturer of custom concession
  •  trailers. Site includes employment application form.

  • SnoWizard Inc. | Trailers    SnoWizard shaved-ice and concession trailers are all manufactured of rust-free fiberglass .      
  • Top Dog Carts - Manufacturer of customized mobile
  • hot dog carts and concession equipment.

Dale's Cart

Tru-Form Metal Products, Inc. ( No web site) Manufacturer of catering vehiclesElkart, IN

Phone: 574-266-8020

  • Unique Vending Carts - Offers unique designs of Sno Cone,
  • lemonade, pizza, ice cream and hot dog carts.
  • - Manufacturer of mobile kitchens,
  • concession trailers, ice cream and catering trucks.


ice cream tricycles

  • Waymatic - Concession trailer manufacturer. Online catalog.

photo: hot dog cartphoto: hotdogcart





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Mobile Food Industry

Manufacturers and Suppliers Links

  1. 800BUYCART

  2.  AA Cater Truck Inc.  

  3. A and J Manufacturing

  4. AAA Hot Dog Carts

  5. A and J Manufacturing

  6. A&A Metal Inc.

  7. Al Star Carts 

  8. All a Cart 

  9. All American Hot Dog Co.   

  10. American Dream Hot Dog Carts 

  11. American Mobile Kitchens

  12. Apex Vending Carts 

  13. Apollo Carts

  14. Armenco Catering Truck

  15. Amtech Corporation

  16. Austin National Smokers 

  17. Battlefield Ford

  18. Big Louie's New York Style Hotdog Carts

  19. Blue Rhino Mobile Kitchens

  20. Bostonian Body, Inc.


  22. Burgess Enterprises -

  23. California Cart Builder 

  24. CanAm Carts

  25. Caravans Unlimited Inc. 

  26. Carlin Manufacturing. 

  27. Capital Kiosk Company

  28. Carriage Works, Inc.  

  29. Cart and Kiosk 

  30. Cart Concepts International 

  31. Carts of Colorado 

  32. Catering Trucks  Plano 

  33. Catering Trucks & Carts

  34. Catering Truck Parts

  35. Century Industries 

  36. Chevy Lane Fabrications 

  37. CK Corporation  

  38. CMS Systems 

  39. C. Nelson Manufacturing Co.


  41. Concession Trailers Information

  42. Corsair Display Systems

  43. Creative Mobile Systems, Inc. 

  44. Custom Concession Trailers

  45. Custom Kitchen Fabricators

  46. Custom Mobile Catering Trailers

  47. Custom Mobile Food Equipment

  48. Danrob Custom Restaurant  Equipment

  49. Delaware Carts-R-Us
  50. Delivery Concepts, Inc.

  51. Fastrac Carts, Inc.

  52. Grab-N-Go Concessions

  53. Global ground support

  54. H & H Zamora Bros, Inc.   

  55. Hot Dog Vending Cart USA


  57. Ice Cream Truck Superstore!

  58. Ice Cream Truck USA

  59. Industrial Sheet metals 

  60. Intercept Corporation 

  61. JRP Concession Trailers

  62. Jubilee Mobile Units 

  63. KaTom Restaurant Supply

  64. Kitchen Corps Mobile Services

  65. LA Carts Lunch Trucks, Mobile 

  66. L.A Catering Truck MFG, INC

  67. Legend Electric Vehicles

  68. Lerro's Fresh Squeezed Lemonade 

  69. Little Trolleys, Inc.

  70. Lunch Truck Parts

  71. M&R Hot Dog Carts Inc

  72. Magnolia Carts 

  73. Merchandising Frontiers, Inc.

  74. Mike's Famous Hot Dog Carts

  75. Mobile Catering, Mobile Food Equipment, 

  76. Mobile Kitchens To Go

  77. Mobile Kitchens Canada

  78. Mobile Solutions Foodservice, Inc

  79. MSM Catering Trucks Mfg

  80. Nakamura Beeman, Inc 

  81. National Vending Vehicles 

  82. Omega aviation catering trucks

  83. Partners By Design 

  84. Precision Carts 

  85. Pushcart International

  86. Quality Street Carts

  87. Regal Company

  88. Renegade Mobile Kitchen

  89. Rich Gallagher and Sons Inc.

  90. Russell Concessions

  91. Schantz & Sons 

  92. Seemoores Food Concession Trailers

  93. Snoshack Shaved Ice 

  94. Snowie Shaved Ice

  95. Snow wizard Inc. | Trailers

  96. Southern Yankee Barbeque

  97. Specialty Trailers 

  98. Supreme Products

  99. Terry's Old Fashioned Lemonade 

  100. Teesside Catering Trailers

  101. Top Dog Carts 

  102. Trailer 

  103. Trimex Mobile Marketing

  104. Tru-Form Metal Products, Inc.

  105. Unique Vending Carts 

  106. US Hot Dog Cart Gallery 



  109. Wag Catering Trucks

  110. Waymatic

  111. West Coast Catering Trucks

  112. West Coast Custom Carts


  114. Woody's Hot Dogs 

  115. Worksman Trading, Inc.

  116. Wyss Catering Truck Mfg., Inc.


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U burners, Straight burners, Double Burners, Coffee burners.



Basso, Robert Shaw, Controls , Gas controls, Unitrol controls, Gas / Thermostat combination valve, Propane gas regulator, Fryer thermostat control, Thermo couplers.

Musical Horns, Fuse blocks , Electrical motors, Air conditioning evaporator, Florescent lights, Water Pump,  Evaporator double shaft motor, Compressor fan motor & More.


Gas pilots ( Angle, Butterfly, Mushroom), Burner Orifice, Grill valve, Propane tank filling & shut off valves

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Baffle Grease filters, Galvanized mesh filters, Drain Valve, Refrigeration & Air conditioner filter dryer, Side markers, Fan blade, Seat Belt

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Custom Made Straight Burners Available Almost in Any Size.

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If you do not wish to stock large quantities of parts for your  manufacturing  or repair operation we are a reliable source for you.  We stock sufficient quantities of controls, shocks and other parts to provide you with a constant and reliable supply of parts for your operation. We have special program in place for such demands.


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