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World Wide  Island Food Recipes

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Atlantic Ocean North
Island Recipes: Recipes and Food  Prince Edward Islands

The Softies - Holiday In Rhode Island * - Holiday Recipes - All ...



Flag of Cape Verde

Cape Verde:
Cape Verdean foods
Cape Verdean recipes 1
Cape Verdean recipes 2
CultureGrams - Cape Verde recipes

sonho verde beach 6

Flag of Iceland

Icelandic recipes 1
Icelandic recipes 2
Food Down Under – Icelandic recipes
Recipe Atlas – Iceland
RecipeZaar – Icelandic recipes
Tasty Cooking - Icelandic recipes
Virtual Iceland – recipes

Also see Europe

landscape with smoke

Iceland  In Winter 5

Flag of Greenland

Royal Greenland – recipes
Tasty Cooking – Recipes from Greenland

Greenlandic fishing equipment

The British Isles

Flag of United KingdomFlag of IrelandFlag of GuernseyFlag of Isle of ManFlag of Jersey

Atlantic Ocean South

Flag of Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)

Cuisine of Paraguay, Uruguay and the Falkland Islands


Map of Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
Caribbean Sea
  1. Steven's Caribbean Recipes
  2. Caribbean recipes: Caribbean, Island, and West Indian recipes
  3. Caribbean recipes

  5. Island Cookbook


  7. Caribbean Jamaican Cuisine

  8. Caribbean cooking: cook Caribbean recipes and prepare best tasting ...

  9. Caribbean Recipes - Recipe Island

  10. Caribbean Recipes - Delicious Food That is Typical Roatan Honduras Island

  11. Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - Latin American/Caribbean Index


General Recipes

Turks and Caicos Caribbean Recipes



||| Anguilla ||| Antigua ||| Aruba ||| Bahamas ||| Barbados ||| Bermuda |||
British Virgin Islands ||| Cayman Islands ||| Cuba ||| Curacao ||| Dominican Republic |||
Grenada ||| Guadeloupe ||| Guyana ||| Haiti ||| Jamaica ||| Martinique |||
Puerto Rico ||| St. Kitts ||| St. Lucia ||| St. Martin |||
St. Vincent & The Grenadines ||| Trinidad & Tobago ||| US Virgin Islands |||


Flag of Cuba

Cuban Food Recipes

  1. Taste of Cuba | Free Cuban Food Recipe | Authentic Easy Recipes
  2. Cuban recipes: Cuban cookbook features Hispanic and Latin American ...
  3. The Best Cuban Recipes on the Web! FREE Sample Recipes
  4. Cuban Recipes
  5. Cuban | Recipezaar
  6. Cuban Cod And Black Bean Salad Recipe @ iChef
  7. 3 Guys from Miami Celebrate Cuban Recipes: Cuban Sandwich Recipe
  8. Cuban Recipes - Caribbean Recipes - All Recipes
  9. Taste: Cuban recipes
  10. My Cooking Recipes Β» Cuban Recipes
  11. caribbean recipes | recipegoldmine island recipes


Caribbean Choice – Cuba
Cuba Heritage – recipes
Cuban Christmas
Cuban Food Market – recipes
Cuban recipes 1
Cuban recipes 2 – Cuban recipes
Food Down Under – Cuban recipes
Island Flave – Cuban recipes
Joyce’s Fine Cooking – Cuban
Mayra L. Dole – Cuban recipes
RecipeZaar – Cuban recipes
Taste of Cuba 1
Taste of Cuba 2
Tasty Cooking - Cuban recipes
Three Guys from Miami – Cuban recipes
World Health- Cuban recipes


Cuba 8

Vendeur sur la plage

Flag of Dominica

Caribbean Choice – Dominica
Dominican Meals
Tasty Cooking - Dominican recipes

Roseau, Dominica

Flag of Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic:
Caribbean Choice – Dominican Republic
Culture Grams - Dominican Recipes
Dominican recipes 1
Dominican recipes 2
Dominican recipes 3
Recipe See - Dominican Republic
World Wide Gourmet - Dominican Republic

Fisherman Boat

Flag of Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands:
Caribbean Choice – Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands Restaurants recipes

Cruise Ship

Flag of Bahamas, The

Astray – Bahamian recipes
Bahamian Delights
Bahamian recipes

Bahamas Specialties – recipes
Bahamas Gateway - recipes
Caribbean Choice – Bahamas
Go Grand Bahamas Island – recipes
Island Flave - Bahamian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Bahamian recipes

  1. Caribbean Cuisine at Home: Recipes from Bahama Breeze

  2. Bahamas Food

Bahamas beach

Androz, Bahamas 2

Flag of Barbados

Barbadian recipes – local recipes
Caribbean Choice – Barbadian recipes – Barbadian recipes
JC Mac's Barbadian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Barbados recipes
Traditional Bajan recipes
World Wide Gourmet - Barbados

Bottom Bay Beach, Barbados

Flag of Bermuda

Astray – Bermuda recipes
Bermuda Cuisine
Caribbean Choice – Bermuda
Fish – recipes
Kens Page – Favorite Bermuda recipes
Taste of
Bermuda – recipes
Traditional Bermuda recipes

St George, Bermuda scenery

Flag of British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Islands:
Caribbean Choice - British Virgin Islands
Island Jim – BVI recipes


Flag of Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda:
Caribbean Choice – Recipes
Tasty Cooking - Antigua & Barbuda recipes


sailboat on beach

Flag of Aruba

Caribbean Choice – Aruba
Local Aruban recipes
Visit Aruba - recipes


Flag of Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis:
Caribbean Choice – St. Kitts and Nevis recipes
St. Kitts & Nevis Recipes


Flag of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia:
Caribbean Choice – St. Lucia
St. Lucia - recipes

St. Lucia

Flag of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines:
Caribbean Choice – St. Vincent and the Grenadines
West Indies Food and recipes

Palm Tree

Flag of Netherlands Antilles

Netherlands Antilles:
Caribbean Choice – Netherlands Antilles

Curacao 1

Flag of Martinique

Caribbean Choice – Martinique

Curacao 3

Flag of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico:
Lloyd's Home Page - Recipes from Puerto Rico
World Health- Puerto Rican recipes
Caribbean Choice – Puerto Rico
Tasty Cooking - Puerto Rican recipes

Cruise ship at dock in Puerto Rico

Flag of Jamaica


  1. Jamaican Recipes

  2. Jamaican Recipes (Jamaica)

  3. Jamaican Recipes: fried jerk fish recipe

  4. Jamaican Recipes 1

  5. Jamaican Recipes 2

  6. Jamaican Recipes. Jamaican Food Recipe. Jamaican Cuisine.

  7. Caribbean Jamaican Cuisine

  8. Caribbean Choice – Jamaica
    Eat Jamaican

  9. Everything Jamaican – recipes

  10. Food Down Under – Jamaican recipes
    Island Flave – Jamaican recipes

  11. Jamaica Internet Cookbook
    Spicy Caribbean recipes of Jamaica

  12. Tasty Cooking - Jamaican recipes

  13. World Health- Jamaican recipes

  14. World Wide Gourmet – Jamaica ]

  15. Jamaica Internet Cookbook

  16. Island Offerings. Recipes and Histories of Jamaica.

  17. Jamaican recipes: Jamaican cookbook features popular Jamaican food



Jamaican Band

Jamaica Dock

Grande River, Jamaica 15

Flag of Haiti

Caribbean Choice – Haiti – Haitian recipes
Earthy Family – Haitian recipes
Everything Haitian – recipes
Free Press – Haitian recipes
Food Down Under – Haitian recipe
Island Flave – Haitian recipes – Haitian recipes
Tasty Cooking - Haitian recipes

Haiti  from above

Boat at Gelιe

Flag of Grenada

Caribbean Choice – Grenada
Grenada Board of Tourism – recipes
Grenadian Connection – recipes
Tasty Cooking - Grenadian recipes
Travel Grenada – recipes

good morning bay

Flag of Guadeloupe

Caribbean Choice – Guadeloupe
Guadeloupe – recipes (In French)
Tasty Cooking - Guadeloupe recipes

the beach

Flag of Anguilla

the blue lagoonMaldives, January 2005

Anguilla :
  1. The Anguilla Guide - A comprehensive directory - Anguilla Guide - RECIPES - Restaurant Recipes -
  2. Margarita's Anguillan Meal
  3. Recipes from Anguilla - Caribbean CHOICE - Your Gateway to the Caribbean!
  4. Category:Anguillan Recipes - CookbookWiki
  5. Margarita's International Recipes: Anguillan - Junior Special
  6. Anguilla - Anguillian - Caribbean Recipes - Recipe Island
  7. The Barbecue Secret of the Caribbean


Mediterranean Sea
Gourmet - Mediterranean recipes

Flag of Malta

Malta recipes
Tasty Cooking - Malta recipes

Luzzu at Spignola Bay on Malta

Flag of Cyprus

Cyprus: – Cypriot recipes
Gourmed - Cyprian recipes
Recipe Hound – Cyprus
Taste Cyprus
Tasty Cooking - Cyprus recipes
World Wide Gourmet – Cyprus


Indian Ocean
Flag of Seychelles

Air Seychelles
Tasty Cooking - Seychelles recipes

Little Island


Flag of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka:
Asian Recipes Online – Sri Lanka
Asia Spicy Recipes – Sri Lanka
Food Down Under – Sri Lankan recipes
Sri Lankan recipes
Tasty Cooking - Sri Lankan recipes
World Health- Sri Lankan recipes

Golden Temple

Flag of Madagascar

Univ. of Penn – African Studies Center – Madagascar food
Tasty Cooking - Madagascar recipes
Recipes 4 Us – Madagascar


the restaurant on the beach

Flag of Maldives

Maldivian Cuisine
Tasty Cooking - Maldives recipes

Maldives / honeymoon suite 1

Flag of Mauritius

Mauritius Australian Connection – recipes
Mauritius recipes
Recipes 4 Us – Mauritius
Tasty Cooking - Mauritius recipes

Empty beach

Flag of Comoros

Tasty Cooking - Comoros recipes

Comoro Magic

Flag of Indonesia

Indonesian Islands Recipes

  1. Tempeh
  2. RecipeSource: Indonesian Recipes
  3. Merry's Kitchen of Indonesian Cuisine
  4. Indonesian Recipes Archive - recipes

99 Bali - Recipes
Asian Recipes Online – Indonesia
Asian Spicy Recipes – Indonesia
Astray - Indonesian recipes
Bali Vacation Villas - Indonesian recipes
Cooking For Fun - Indonesian recipes
Food Down Under – Indonesian recipes
Geoff's Indonesian recipes - Indonesian recipes
Merry’s Kitchen – Indonesian recipes
Recipe Atlas – Indonesia
Recipes 4 Us – Indonesia
Spicy Steve – Indonesian recipes

Bali: Food of Bali and Favorite Recipes

Indonesian Recipes

Indonesian Cuisine

The Food of Bali: Authentic Recipes from the Island of the ...


Water temple

Balinese Barong dancer

batam 5


Persian Gulf

Flag of Bahrain

Bahrain Island Recipes

  1. WorldRover - Cooking and Recipes for Bahrain
  2. Bahrain Dessert Recipes
  3. Gujarati Recipes - Indian Recipes - Bahrain - Links to other Indian ...
  4. Bahrainguide Β· Seafood recipes
  5. Tasty Cooking - Bahrain recipes

Face of Arad Fort

Pacific Ocean (north)

Flag of Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands:
Tasty Cooking - Marshall Islands recipes


Flag of Howland Island

Hawaiian Island

  1. Hawaii's Favorite Recipes

  2. Delicious Hawaiian style recipes to create an authentic Hawaiian ...

  3. Hawaiian Food and Luau Recipes

  4. Hawaiian Food Recipes

  5. - Ono Recipes


  7. Mauihoney's Hawaiian Recipes for meats, salads, desserts, laulau, ...

  8. Hawaiian Recipe Collections

  9. Hawaiian Tropical Drinks - Recipes for Both Alcoholic and ...

  10. Hawaiian cooking recipes

  11. Hawaiian - American Recipes -

  12. Hawaiian Drumsticks - Hawaiian recipes

  13. Hawaiian Cookbooks at MaiKai Hawaii: A Hawaiian Cookbook for ...

  14. Aloha Shoyu Hawaiian Island Recipes

  15. Internet Island - Hawaii Recipes



Flag of Japan


Chef to Chef Japan Recipes
Asian Recipes Online – Japan
Asian Spicy Recipes – Japan
Black Moon – Japanese recipes
Cooking For Fun - Japanese recipes
Earthy Family – Japanese recipes
Food Down Under – Japanese recipes
Food Down Under – Sushi recipes
International - Japanese recipes
Recipe Atlas – Japan
Recipe Gold Mine – Japan
Recipes 4 Us – Japan
Tasty Cooking - Japanese recipes
Toyko Food Page – recipes
World Health- Japanese recipes

Also see Asia for more Japanese recipes

Autumn leaves in Kyoto 2

Flag of Philippines


Filipino Island Recipes

  1. epilipinas: Filipino and Asian Recipes
  2. Filipino Recipe
  4. Filipino Recipes Link dot com
  5. Filipino Vegetarian Recipes
  6. Kusina At Iba Pa
  7. Philippines
  8. RecipeSource: Filipino Recipes
  9. Favorite Filipino Recipes
  10. Igorot Food Exotica
  11. Filipino recipes-Kusina at iba pa!
  12. Filipino Recipe
  13. Philippine meat dish asian recipes with pictures
  14. EMANILA FOOD - Filipino Recipes, Foodshops, Foodstuff, Dishes, ...
  15. Links to Filipino Food Recipes
    Asian Recipes Online – Philippines
    Asian Spicy Recipes – Philippines
    Astray - Filipino recipes
    Cooking For Fun - Filipino recipes
    Food Down Under – Filipino recipes
    Recipe Atlas – Philippines
    Recipe Goldmine - Filipino recipes
    Tasty Cooking - Filipino recipes


boracay scene 4

Barcelo Pearl Farm Resort 1

boracay scene 2

Mayon Volcano

Flag of Guam

Chili Masters - Guam recipes
Flavors of Guam – recipes
Food Down Under – Guam
Guam’s Community – recipes
RecipeZaar – Guam
Tasty Cooking - Guam recipes


Pacific Ocean (South)
Oceania - South Pacific
Flag of Samoa

Ancient Samoan Cooking
The Samoan Kitchen
Tasty Cooking - Samoan recipes


Flag of Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands:
Tasty Cooking - Solomon Islands recipes

CSP Rabaul II

Flag of New Zealand

New Zealand:
IAgora International recipes – New Zealand
Cooking For Fun - New Zealand recipes
Recipe Atlas – New Zealand
Tasty Cooking - New Zealand recipes
Travel Cafι – New Zealand recipes


Flag of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea:
Tasty Cooking - Papua New Guinea recipes

CSP Rabaul I

Flag of Kiribati

Tasty Cooking - Kiribati cooking recipes

Seeking corals

  1. Tahitian Cooking - Tahiti 1

  2. Sauteed prawns (tahiti) - Recipes -

  3. All Tahiti Recipes - Recipes By Cuisine @ Cook Advice

  4. Tahiti recipes Culinary history and information


Tahaa Bungalows

Flag of Fiji

Fijian Recipes

  1. WorldRover - Cooking and Recipes for Fiji
  2. Recipes of Fiji, Food of Fiji
  3. Pasepa Swann's Fiji Curry
  4. Fiji recipes, fiji food, island recipes, fiji health, fiji cooking, ...
  5. The Fijian Kitchen - Food, Recipes, lovo feasts and other delightful ...
  6. Fiji Recipes Culinary history and information
  7. fiji meats recipes
  8. Fiji recipes, fiji food, island recipes, fiji health, fiji cooking, fiji taste, lovo, curry, sandwitch
  9. Fiji recipes, fiji food, island recipes, fiji health, fiji cooking, ...

beach life

the blue lagoon

Flag of Tonga


  1. Recipes : Tonga Mai Tai : Food Network

  2. Tongan Foods


  4. tonga” 2 Recipes

  5. Cooking recipes from all over the world -

  6. disney's rainforest cafe tonga toast recipe | restaurant recipes

Map of Tonga

Flag of Cook Islands

Cook Islands

Cook Islands Food

About Cook Islands

Map of Cook Islands


  1. Recipe for Pacific Island Chicken - Recipes Worldwide pacific island salad recipe | salads | salad recipes | green salad ...

  2. Coney Islands Recipe | Coney Island Hot Dogs Recipes| Super Bowl ...

  3.  Island Jam - Recipes of Other recipes: Jams  Island- Food Recipes

  4. Ketchup Recipes :: Recipes like Indonesian Ketchup Recipes, Chipotle ...

  5. Prince Edward Island Christmas Recipes

  6. LaGasse's Island Flavors - Puerto Rican Recipes

  7. Miss Lottie's Kitchen - favorite Galveston Island recipes.

  8. virgin island recipes

  9. Beaver Island Recipes from our Readers

  10. Miss Lottie's Kitchen - favorite Galveston Island recipes.

  11. Amelia Island Recipes

  12. Caribbean cooking: cook Caribbean recipes and prepare best tasting ...

  13. Los Islenos Cookbook: Canary Island Recipes

  14. Island Recipes :: Recipes like Avery Island Barbecue Sauce Recipes, ...

  15. Recipes from a Very Small Island.Recipes from a Very Small Island ...

  16. Traditional cooking recipes of Lesvos island


  18. Coconut Recipes from Tropical Trees

  19. TREASURES : Transmission of culinary traditions in Reunion Island

  20. Victoria Island Farms Asparagus Recipes

  21. Island Recipes: Oysters Prince Edward Island

  22. Food Recipes: Festive Island Shrimp Cocktail

  23. | Home

  24. Recipes : Tropical Island Banana Cake : Food Network

  25. West Indian recipes: West Indies cookbook for popular Island cuisine

  26. Recipes, traditional food, ithaca, greek island, eat, drink, local food

  27. Dhat Island Foods - Authentic Original Recipe Crιole Foods

  28. Zanzibar Island : Menus & Recipes from Africa

  29. Our Favorite Island Recipes

  30. Island Marinade Recipe - Food Reference Recipes

  31. Island Vacation Expert - Virgin Island Recipes




Walking in laguna blu
lanikai beach Hawaii
Beach walk
Hut City (Food Market) 3



General Food Recipe Links:


Under Construction









Cata Bay / Bahia de Cata 1




sonho verde beach 4

Hawaiian Sky

Bahamas/Exuma; Beach, Water an

Relax, this is Cayman Time
good morning bay
St. John
lost coconut
My Trini Friend
Sombrilla en la playa
caribe cubano 3
boracay scene 4
St. Lucian Carnival 3
Pirate ship
Curacao 2
Xlendi Bay, Gozo (2)
Stin Gray City
Aerial view of the Maldives
Limassol night
St. Lucian Carnival 1
Watertaxi Maldives
Halong Bay 1
Mokolua Islands, Hawai`i
Mauritius island
Mauritius island 5
Bahamas Exuma Beach & Water in
Cruise Ship
Sunset Beach
White coral and blue sea in Maldives
Seychelles Anemone
Tropical beach 1
Endless blue
Maldives, January 2005
My little corner...
quiet life
Jamaican Beach Hammock
St. Lucia
the beach
Storm brewing
Cheesiest Rainbow
Seeking corals
Coral Gulley
Relaxin in Tahaa
Very Long (Almost) Empty Beach
Hut City (Food Market) 1

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