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European foods are divided into 4 sections, Western, Eastern, British Isles and Trans Caucasian States Please Click Above.

   Western EuropeFlag of European Union


Cheese Girls



Cologne skyline

Flag of Germany


German General Recipes:

Chef to Chef German Recipes

Recipes By Cindy: German

Baden Soellingen Remembered

German Cooking and Recipes

RecipeSource: German

Sherie's Kitchen: German

German Recipe Exchange

German Dishes Archive -

Germans from Russia Heritage Collection Recipe Database

Delectable Recipes of Clara Kramer-Freudenthal

Recipes Germany

German Springerle

  1. Gran'ma's Springerle
  2. Traditional Springerle Recipe
  3. Great Aunt Frieda Marx's Special Springerle
  4. Cookie Recipe: Springerle Cookies

German Stollen

  1. German Recipes: Stollen

  2. Martha Stewart Living: Stollen

  3. SusieJ's Stollen

  4. Pastry Wiz: Christmas Stollen

  5. Nana's Christmas Stollen

  6. Stollen (Braided Coffee Cake)

  7. Epicurious: Old-Fashioned Stollen With Almonds



 Arc de Triomphe in the night

Flag of France


French General Recipes:

Chef to Chef French Recipes French Cuisine

Epicurious: French Recipes

Food Network: Provence

Allrecipes: French

La Belle Cuisine: French Recipes

Recipes of France French Recipes

à la carte

French recipes from Taillevent, Chiquart & Menagier French Recipes

French Food and Cook: Recipes

RecipeSource: French Recipes

RecipeCenter: French Recipes

Chef to Chef

Recipes France

French Boeuf Bourguignon Recipes

  1. Julie/Julia Project: Boeuf Bourguignon
  2. Cuisine France: Boeuf Bourguignon
  3. Martha Stewart Living: Beef Bourguignon
  4. Beef Bourguignon
  5. Allrecipes: Beef Bourguignon
  6. Epicurious: Boeuf Bourguignon Recipes
  7. Food Network: Boeuf Bourguignon
  8. Boeuf Bourguignon Recipes


French Croquembouche Recipes

  1. Martha Stewart Living: Croquembouche

  2. Cream Puffs: Croquembouche

  3. Croquembouche

  4. Recipe for Croquembouche -

  5. Recipe for Croquembouche2 -

  6. Recipes : Croquembouche 3:

French Vichyssoise

  1. Custom Catering: Vichyssoise
  2. Recipe Box: Vichyssoise
  3. Lobster Vichyssoise
  4. Allrecipes: Vichyssoise
  5. Fine Dining: Vichyssoise
  6. Soupsong: Vichyssoise
  7.  Apple Vichyssoise With Blue Cheese
  8. Curried Asparagus Vichyssoise
  9. Slow Cooker Vichyssoise
  10. Apple Vichyssoise
  11. EatDrinkDine: Vichyssoise

    French Remolade

    1. Diana's Kitchen: Shrimp Remoulade

    2. Ancho Chili Remoulade

    3. Teri's Remoulade

    4. Global Gourmet: Celery Remoulade

    5. Caputo's Remoulade

    6. Red Creek Remoulade Sauce

Zell Am See

Flag of Austria


Budapest Blue Danube


Flag of Hungary


Austrian  Food Recipes

  1.  Bei uns in's Pfandl g'schaut
    Traditional food of Austria, collected and translated from the famous cookery book. Also available in German.

  2. Austrian Recipes

  3. Ethnic Cuisine: Austria

  4. Austrian Cooking - Austrian food - recipes, description, photos

  5. Recipes for Cast Iron Cooking, German recipes, Austrian recipes, ...

  6. European Recipes : Austrian Recipes : Vienna Christmas Stollen

  7. Recipes Austria

 Hungarian Food Recipes
  1. Chef to Chef Hungary Recipes
  2. Eva's Hungarian Recipes
  3. Chicken Paprikash
  4. RecipeSource: Hungarian Recipes
  5. Recipes Hungary
  6. Authentic Hungarian Goulash
  7. Hungarian Goulash Crock Pot Recipe | Steak Recipes @ CD ...

Belem Tower of Lisboa

Flag of Portugal


Stockholm 5

Flag of Sweden


i Portuguese Recipes

  1. Ana Taveira's Azores Traditional Recipes

  2. Portuguese Recipes on the Web

  3. Gaspar's: Recipe's

  4. Arielle’s recipes – Portugal

  5.  Portuguese recipes

  6. Portuguese recipes 2

  7. Portuguese recipes 3

  8. Portuguese Cooking

  9. Portuguese Recipes 4

  10. Recipe Atlas – Portugal

  11. Recipes 4 Us – Portugal

  12. Tasty Cooking - Portuguese recipes

  13.  World Health- Portuguese recipes

  14. World Recipes – Portugal

 Swedish Recipes

  1. Pastry Wiz: Swedish Ginger Cookies
  2. Swedish Ginger Thins
  3. Pepparkakor
  4. Astray - Swedish recipes
  5. Brother Rice Jr. High School – Swedish recipes
  6. Cooking For Fun - Swedish recipes
  7. Earthy Family – Swedish recipes
  8. Food Down Under – Swedish recipes
  9. Recipe Atlas – Sweden
  10. World Recipes – Sweden
Landscape 7 Flag of Luxembourg


andorra 3 Flag of Andorra


Luxembourg Recipes

  1. Luxembourg Recipes
  2. Luxembourg Recipes 2
  3. “Luxembourg” 2 Recipes | Recipezaar
  4. Luxembourg | European Cuisines

Andorran Recepies

  1. Andorra | European Cuisines
  2. Category:Andorran Recipes - CookbookWiki



Flag of Greece

Greek Architecture 4Greece


Santorini in Greece

 Greek  Recipes

Eat Greek Tonight

Greek Food With Recipes and Photos

Traditional Greek Recipes

Greek Food

Recipezaar: Greek

Greek Dishes Archive -

Greek New Year's Eve Cake

Waitrose : Dining Greek Style

Home Life: How to Bake Baklava

Bother less  Baklava

 Greek  Recipes

Food Network: Greece

Hookery Cookery - Greek Recipes

Gutsy Gourmet: Greek

Collection of Greek Recipes

RecipeSource: Greek

Greek Traditional Food

Greek Recipes

Baklava Recipes from Athens Foods

Gretchen's Baklava Recipe

Recipes Greek


Flag of Spain


Castro Urdiales, Cantabria, Spain
Spanish Recipes

Chef to Chef Spanish Recipes

Favoritas  Spanish Recipes

Spain Recipes

World of Tapas, The

Margarita's Andalusian Menu

Spanish Recipes

Take a taste of Andalucia, Spain

Spanish-Kitchen is the Home of Spanish Cuisine

Paella Valenciana a la Artlink

El Recetario

 Spanish Flan Recipes

  1. Flan
  2. Britannia: Broccoli Flan
  3. Carrageen Bramble Flan
  4. Marta's Desserts
  5. El Boricua: Flan Recipes
  6. Texas Cooking: Pumpkin Flan
  7. Mexican Flan
  8. Pumpkin Caramel Flan
  9. About. COM: Pumpkin Flan
  10. Epicurious: Flan Recipes
  11. Caramel Flan
  12. CDKitchen: Flan Recipes
  13. Recipezaar: Flan Recipes
  14. Allrecipes: Flan
  15. McCormick: Guava Cheese Flan
  16. Nestle's Flan Recipes
  17. Flan Recipes
  18. RecipeSource: Flan

 Spanish  Gazpacho

  1. Global Gourmet: Gazpacho
  2. Stay Young at Heart: Gazpacho
  3. Betty's Gazpacho
  4. Robert's Gazpacho Recipe
  5. Chunky Gazpacho
  6. Recipe I Didn't Get From My Mother, A: Gazpacho
  7. Avocado Gazpacho
  8. That Recipe: Gazpacho
  9. Summer Tomato Gazpacho
  10. Le Club 55: Gazpacho
  11. Gazpacho
  12. Hot and Spicy Garlic Gazpacho
  13. Barbara's Gazpacho
  14. Power-Selles Imports: Gazpacho
  15. Real Gazpacho, The
  16. Bassboy Productions: Gazpacho
  17. Diet Secrets Recipes: Tropical Gazpacho
  18. Gazpacho Recipes
  19. White Gazpacho With Eggs
  20. Peter's Gazpacho
Ypres (Belgium) 2

Flag of Belgium



Flag of Monaco


Belgian Recipes
  1. Belgian Cuisine: About.Com
  2. Belgian Food
  3. Belgian Endive
  4. Cookbook:Cuisine of Belgium - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
  5. “belgian” 68 Recipes | Recipezaar
  6. Ethnic Cuisine: Belgium
  7. Belgian Recipes
Recipes From Monaco , Monégasque Recipes
  1. Recipes From Monaco
  2. Cooking recipes from Monaco -
  3. Pan bagnat (sandwiches~ monaco style) - Recipes -
  4. 6 Monaco Recipes
  5. BBC - Food - Recipes - Monaco Chicken
  6. Cooking Onions Monaco Recipe
  7. Monaco drink  recipe
  8. Monaco Official Site - Monegasque Recipes

San Marino Point Of View

Flag of San Marino

San Marino

perspective :: colored houses Flag of Denmark


San Marino Recipes
  1.  San Marino Steak
  2. San Marino, Europe Recipes
  3. Cooking recipes from all over the world -
  4. Steak San Marino For Slow Cooker Recipe @ Mass Recipes
  5. “San Marino” 2 Recipes | Recipezaar
Danish Recipes
  1. World Recipes: Denmark - Danish
  2. Danish Recipes
  3. 149 Danish Recipes
  4. Danish Recipes: Drinks from Denmark
  5. Recipe Source: Danish Recipes
  6. Danish Dough
  7. pastry_danish
  8. Great Danish Recipes
  9. Danish recipes Various
Dutch windmills

Flag of NetherlandsNetherlands

Mt. titlis Flag of SwitzerlandSwitzerland
  1. dutch” 249 Recipes
  2. Brother Rice Jr. High School –
  3.  Netherlands recipes
  4. Cooking Dutch
  5. Genista’s recipes – Netherlands
  6. Netherlands recipes
  7. Tasty Cooking - Netherlands recipes
  8. “holland” 4 Recipes | Recipezaar

Dutch Recipes

Swiss Recipes
  1. Chef to Chef Swiss Recipes
  2. “swiss” 470 Recipes | Recipezaar
  3. Brother Rice Jr. High School – Swiss recipes
  4. Food Down Under – Swiss recipes
  5. Food in Switzerland
  6. International - Swiss recipes
  7. Recipe Atlas – Switzerland
  8. Tasty Cooking - Swiss recipes
  9. World Health- Swiss recipes
Ålesund :: cityscapes Flag of NorwayNorway helsinki Flag of FinlandFinland
Norwegian Recipes
  1. Chef to Chef Norwegian  Recipes
  2. Norwegian” 84 Recipes
  3. Arielle’s recipes – Norway
  4.  Norwegian recipes
  5.  Norwegian recipes 2
  6.  Norwegian recipes 3
  7. Norwegian Foods and recipes
  8. Norwegian recipes 4
  9. Recipe Atlas – Norway
  10. Tasty Cooking - Norwegian recipes
  11. World Health- Norwegian recipes



Finish Recipes
  1.  Finnish Recipes
  2. Christmas in Finland 1 recipes
  3. Christmas in Finland 2 recipes
  4. Finn Guide – recipes
  5. Finnish recipes 2
  6. Food Down Under – Finnish recipes
  7. Global Gourmet – Finland
  8. Kutri’s Kitchen – Finnish recipes
  9. Recipe Atlas – Finland
  10. Recipe Source – Finland
  11. Recipes from the Finnish Mission
  12. Tasty Cooking - Finnish recipes
  13. Virtual Finland – recipes
  14. World Health- Finnish recipes
  15. World Wide Gourmet - Finland
Rykevik Rooftops

Flag of Iceland


Luzzu at Spignola Bay on Malta

Flag of Malta


Icelandic Recipes
  1. Icelandic recipes 1
  2. Icelandic recipes 2
  3. Food Down Under – Icelandic recipes
  4. Recipe Atlas – Iceland
  5. RecipeZaar – Icelandic recipes
  6. Tasty Cooking - Icelandic recipes
  7. Virtual Iceland – recipes


Maltese Recipes
  1. Recipes Malta
  2. Maltese Recipes and Cookbook List
  3. Maltese Recipes
  4. Malta recipes
  5. Tasty Cooking - Malta recipes



Cyprus Beach

Flag of Cyprus


Adiyaman, Mount Nimrod 1 Flag of Turkey


Cyprus Recipes
  1. – Cypriot recipes
  2. Gourmed - Cyprian recipes
  3. Recipe Hound – Cyprus
  4. Taste Cyprus
  5. Tasty Cooking - Cyprus recipes
  6. World Wide Gourmet – Cyprus



Turkish Recipes

  1. Chef to Chef Turkish Recipes
  2. Harika Yemek Tarifleri
  3. Turkish Cuisine and Recipes
  4. Turkish Cuisine []
  5. Hookery Cookery: Turkish Delight
  6. Home Life: How to Bake Baklava
  7. Gretchen's Baklava Recipe
  8. Reader's Digest: Turkish Delight
  9. Botherless Baklava
  10. Stephanie da Silva's Turkish Delight


Vaduz Castle

Liechtenstein Recipes

Flag of LiechtensteinLi


Tasty Cooking - Liechtenstein recipes





Gibraltar Strech

General European Recipes:

European Cuisines

European Recipes

Medieval European Recipes : COLLECTION

Cuisine and Eastern Europe 1,408 Recipes | Recipezaar

Vegetarian Recipes Around the World - European

Cookery book Europe 

Global Gastronomy:


 switzerland village




 Italian Cooking



Flag of Italy

Italian Recipes

General Italian Recipes:

Chef to Chef Italian Recipes

Mangia! An Italian Cookbook

Mangiare Bene

Food Network: Tuscany

Pasta Recipes Plus

Nicola Ranieri Recipes from Abruzzo

Tony's Place Italiana

Made In Italy: Recipes

Art of Cookery

Italian Recipe Index

Cook Italian Today

Mietta's Italian Family Recipes

Mangia Bene Recipes

Food of the Eolian Islands and Sicily

Italian Chef, The

Cooking With Patty

Chef Paolo Monti's Recipes

The Italian Cook

Great Magliocco & Friends Recipes

Delicious Italy

RecipeSource: Italian Recipes

Zuppa Toscana Tuscan Recipes

Mama Rose's Authentic Italian Recipes

Lidia's Italy: Recipes

Artisan, The

Napa Style

Chef2Chef: Italian Recipes

talian Biscotti

  1. Allrecipes: Biscotti

  2. Martha Stewart Living: Hazelnut Biscotti

  3. Chocolate, Hazelnut, and Ginger Biscotti

  4. Martha Stewart Living: Pecan Cranberry Biscotti

talian Cioppino

  1. Red Snapper Cioppino

  2. San Francisco-style Cioppino

  3. Paladini: Cioppino

  4. San Francisco-style Cioppino

Italian Gelato
  1. VirtualItalia: Alice's Gelato Primer
  2. My Favourite Italian Recipes: Gelato
  3. Epicurious: Gelato Recipes
Italian Soups
  1. Patty's Italian Soups and Minestra Recipes
  2. Soup & Cooks Recipes | Italian Wedding Soup Recipe
  3. - Soups & Sandwiches - Italian Tortellini Soup


Italian Panettone
  1. Bread Machine Panettone Recipe
  2. Mangia Bene Pasta: Panettone
  3. Italian Trade Commission: Panettone
  4. Martha Stewart Living: Panettone
  5. GMA Recipe: Panettone
  6. Panettone Loaves
  7. Ultimate Panettone Recipe
  8. Panettone Recipe
  9. Panettone
  10. Recipezaar: Panettone


Italian  Ravioli
  1. Ravioli Roller: Recipes
  2. Allrecipes: Cheese Ravioli With Three Pepper Topping
  3. Allrecipes: Portobello Mushroom Ravioli With Prawns
  4. ABC Local Online: Prawn Ravioli With Roasted Tomato Sauce
  5. Crab and Salmon Ravioli
  6. Pumpkin Ravioli
  7. Food Network: Pumpkin Ravioli
  8. Pumpkin Ravioli With Sage Butter
  9. Savory Pumpkin Ravioli
  10. Pumpkin-Filled Ravioli Recipe
  11. Allrecipes - Pumpkin Ravioli


Italian Risotto
  1. BBC Recipes: Risotto
  2. Making Risotto
  3. Ditty's Sunday Supper: Creamy Corn Risotto
  4. Lowfat Vegetarian Archive, The: Risotto
  5. Portofino Lamb and Artichoke Risotto
  6. Tara's Asparagus and Shitake Risotto
  7. Chef Rick's Asparagus Risotto
  8. Claro's Italian Market: Risotto With Peas
  9. Gospel Herald, The: Vegetarian Risotto
  10. Great Magliocco and Friends: Risotto a l'Asparigi
  11. Orzo Risotto With Mushrooms
  12. Ashbury's Aubergines: Eggplant Risotto
  13. Weezie's Risotto Milanese
  14. Kitchen Basics Recipes: Mediterranean Risotto
  15. Katrina's Risotto Recipe
  16. Dolce Vita: Risotto With Savoy Cabbage and Parmesan Cheese
  17. Allrecipes: Green Risotto With Fava Beans
  18. Kim's Vegetarian Risotto
  19. Adam's Risotto Page

Italian Tiramisu

  1. Emeril's Tiramisu Recipe
  2. Tiramisu
  3. Italian Recipes: Tiramisu and Kahlua Magic
  4. Michael's Tiramisu Recipe Collection
  5. Tiramisu: Italian Coffee Trifle
  6. Epicurious: Tiramisu Recipes
  7. Traditional Style Tiramisu
  8. Pat Baldassari's Low-Fat Tiramisu Recipe
  9. PR's Five-minute Lowfat Tiramisu
  10. Epicurious: Light Tiramisu
  11. Tiramisu Dessert Pizza
  12. Tiramisu Wedding Cake With Mixed Berries
  13. Tiramisu Ice Cream Cake
  14. Variety Tiramisu Recipes
  15. Michael's Cherry Tiramisu
  16. Strawberry Tiramisu
  17. 7 Gables Inn: Creamy Banana Tiramisu Recipe
  18. Mixed Berry Tiramisu
  19. Frozen Hazelnut-Tangerine Tiramisu
  20. Raspberry and Coffee Tiramisu


Bullfighters Entrance



Rome Virtuality




                                  Fishing boats        




Alpine Cottage

Rainbow over Norwegian house

Again a clear day, today

Rural door 002







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