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   Eastern Europe

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General Easter European Recipes Russian Recipes Ukrainian Recipes Romanian Recipes
Albanian Recipes Macedonian Recipes Polish Recipes Hungarian Recipes
Moldavian Recipes




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Flag of Russia


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Flag of Ukraine


Russian Recipes

Chef to Chef Russia Recipes

Russian Recipes, Cuisine and Cooking.

Russian Food, Russian Cuisine, Russian Cooking, Russian Recipes, Russian Cookbook,

Russian | Russian Cuisine - History & Recipes 

Ukha (Russian Fish Soup) - Allrecipes   


German-Russian RECIPES


Authentic Russian Recipes, Cuisine and Cooking

Vodka, Pelmeni on

russian Large collection of Russian recipes

Russian Black Bread - Allrecipes  



Russia recipes Culinary history and information


Ukrainian Recipes


Ukrainian Recipe Links

Ukrainian Easter Food

It's All Relative: Cabbage Rolls (Polena Kapusta) Cabbage Rolls

50+ Friends Club Cookbook: Cabbage Rolls (

Allrecipes: Cabbage Rolls

Perogy Garden Salad Beef Swedish Cabbage Rolls Veggie Cabbage Rolls

Aspirin Free Recipes: Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Sweet and Sour Stuffed Cabbage Rolls Cabbage Rolls (Holupches)

Mom's Best Recipes: Cabbage Rolls


Recipes for Eggs by iChef: Perogies



Poiana Brasov, Romania Flag of Romania


baywatch Flag of Albania


Romanian Recipes
  1. Romanian Cookbook
  3. Romanian Recipes 2
  4. Rosey's Walnut Crescents
  5. Your Online Portal to Romania -- Romanian Recipes and Wines
Albanian Recipes
  1. Albania/curiosities

  2. Albanian recipes!

  3. Albanian recipes - Wikibooks,

Old town in winter Flag of Poland


Budapest Blue Danube Flag of Hungary


Polish Recipes


My Grandma's Old World Polish Recipes

Polish Recipes 2

Cuisine and Polish 365 Recipes |

Polish Recipes

Polish Cooking & Recipes

Hungarian Recipes
  1. Chef to Chef Hungary Recipes
  2. Eva's Hungarian Recipes
  3. Chicken Paprikash
  4. RecipeSource: Hungarian Recipes
  5. Hungarian cuisine
  6. Hungarian Recipes for the single guy: Hun Quickies
Mount Athos Flag of Macedonia


Evening mood in prague Flag of Moldova


Macedonian Recipes
  1. Macedonia / Traditions  Recipes
  2. Macedonian recipes



Moldavian Recipes
  1. Moldovian Recipes
  2. “moldovian” 1 Recipes | Recipezaar
  3. Moldovian Potato Salad recipe at
  4. Moldavian Cuisine
  5. Moldavian Chorba Soup. Low Carb


Minsk Cathedral Church Flag of Belarus


Tallinn. Estonia Flag of Estonia


Belarusian Recipes
  1. Belarusian cuisine
  3.  Foundation Help Chernobyl children Lelystad - Belarussian recipes
  4. Russian Foods .com - Russian Recipes, Cuisine and Cooking.
  5. Margarita's Belarusian Menu
  6. National Recipes of Belarusian Cuisine
  7. Belarus Food
  8. “belarussian” 1 Recipes | Recipezaar
Estonian Recipes
  1. “estonian ” 3 Recipes | Recipezaar
  2. Estonian recipes
  3. Estonian Herring and Potato Salad | European Cuisines
  4. Baltic Cuisine
  5. Estonian Recipes
  6. Estonian Cultural Centre - Adelaide - Recipes


Amazing grazing Flag of Latvia


City in the evening Flag of Lithuania


Latvian Recipes
  1. Latvian Cuisine
  2. Latvian recipes
  3. Cookery Art - National Cuisine - Latvian cuisine
  4. Latvian Food
  5. BBC - Food - Recipes - Latvian Christmas yellow bread
  6. 5 Latvian Recipes
Lithuanian Recipes
  1. Ya Gotta Have It! ~ Lithuanian Recipes
  2. Lithuanian Recipes2
  3. Lithuanian recipes 3
  4. Lithuanian Recipes Stuffing
  6. Lithuanian Recipes 4
  7. Traditional Lithuanian Cooking Recipes

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia Herzegovina

Zagreb light wipes Flag of Croatia



Bosnian & Herzegovinan  Recipes
  1. Bosnia - Herzegovina / Tradition / Recipes
  2. Margarita's Bosnian Menu
  3. Bosnian recipes
  4. “bosnian” 4 Recipes | Recipezaar
  5. Cooking recipes from all over the world -

recipeSource: Serbian Recipes

Croatian Recipes
  1. 34 Croatian recipes
  2. Croatian Recipes
  3. Visit Croatia - Croatian Cuisine
  4. Croatian Food Tradition
  5. Croatian cookies - Recipes -
  6. Google Directory - Home > Cooking > World Cuisines > European > Croatian
  7. croatian recipes,
Flag of Slovenia


New castle in Banska Stiavnica Flag of Slovakia


Slovenian Recipes
  1. Culinary Slovenia - Let's cook!
  2. The best Slovenian recipes
  3. Recipes Slovenia
  4. Slovenian recipes
  5. All Slovenian Food Recipes ~ Food Recipes By Cuisine ~ Cooking Slovenian
  6. “slovenian” 4 Recipes | Recipezaar
  7. Slovenian Recipes
Slovakian Recipes
  1. Slovakian European World Cuisines Cooking Home
  2. SLOVAKIA.ORG - Society in Slovakia
  3. Recipes of Slovak-World
  4. Ya Gotta Have It! ~ Slovakian Recipes!
  5. Slovak Recipes
  6. VLADO'S SLOVAK RECIPES - A selection of recipes from Slovakia!
  7. More slovakian Recipes -
  8. cabbage bread
prague Flag of Czech Republic

Czech  Republic

Serbian church Flag of Serbia



Czech Recipes
  1. Recipes From the Czech Republic
  2. Real Czech Recipe
  4. Cuisine and Czech 120
  5. TexasCzechs - Recipes
  6. Czech recipes
Serbian Recipes
  1. recipes
  2. Serbian recipes - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
  3. Serbian Recipes - Cevapcici Recipe - Cevapcici - Recipe Atlas
  4. All Serbian Food Recipes ~ Food Recipes By Cuisine ~ Cooking Serbian
  5. Community Forums - Serbian recipes
  6. The best Serbian recipes
Cathedral Flag of Bulgaria


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Bulgarian Recipes
  1. Bulgarian Cuisine Dishes,
  2. Bulgarian cuisine
  3. Ya Gotta Have It! ~ Bulgarian Recipes Index
  4. Traditional Bulgarian Recipes from Ralitsa's Kitchen
  5. Bulgarian Recipes
  6. B's Cucumber Recipes: Bulgarian Cucumber Soup
  8. bulgarian” 22 Recipes



Yugoslavian Recipes
  1. CFF
  2. Yugoslavia / Documents / Recipes
  3. Farsarotul: Vlach Cuisine
  4. Cooking Recipes Dalmatian
  5. - Dalmatia ::: General Information / Culinary Art



Gypsy 2 Gypsy & Roma
Romany Flag Kotor Panorama


Flag of Montenegro


Gypsy & Roma Recipes
  1. “european gypsy” 22 Recipes | Recipezaar
  2. Amala School Gypsy Music Dance Language recipes
Montenegro Recipes
  1. SANTA MARGHERITA - Menu: Ethnic Recipes - Primorska Jagnjec'a Corba - Montenegro
  2. Cooking For Fun - Yugoslavian recipes
  3. Food Down Under – Serbian recipes
  4. Gourmed - Serbian recipes
  5. Serbian Goulash
  6. Tasty Cooking - Serbia Montenegro (Yugoslavia) recipes

    Also See Serbia & Yugoslavia
hanukkah minora 2 Window_2 Jewish  Recipes

Jewish Recipes
  • Kosher Express Kitchen
    Recipes and resources for kosher Jewish cooking.
  • Classic Jewish-Food Recipe Archives
    From the mailing list jewish-food.
  • Jewish Food Mailing List Archive
    Wide array of hamische (home-like) daily, Shabbat, and other holiday recipes submitted by list members from around the world.
  • Ruth's Kitchen
    Recipes for Sabbath and holidays including vegetarian and Passover dishes.
  • Pesto
    All kinds of recipes in Hebrew.
  • Jewish  Recipes
    Features Jewish and kosher recipes including kugel, matzah, challah, and more.
  • RFCJ Recipe Archives
    From the newsgroup.
  • Jewish Holiday Kitchen
    Offers an article by Joan Nathan explaining the role of food in Jewish holiday observances plus links to recipes.
Jewish Hamantashen
  • Purim: Recipes
    Basic recipe for Purim hamantashen.
  • Hamantashen Recipes
    Recipes for baked hamantashen and a Sephardic Purim hamantashen that is deep fried and then soaked in a rich sugar syrup. Sweet "Orejas de Haman" are a traditional way to celebrate Persian Purim.
  • Mimi's Cyber Kitchen: Hamantaschen
    Recipe for the filled tricornered cookies, a traditional Purim treat.
  • TorahBytes: Hamentaschen Recipe
  • Hamantashen
    Three-cornered filled poppyseed pastry.
  • Jewish Holiday Cooking: Purim
    Recipe for traditional Purim hamemtashen uses butter and a combination of wheat and white flour.
  • Hamentashen
    This Purim, try something different with these five hamentashen recipes that use candy and chocolate chip cookie dough, yeast dough, or tofu cream cheese.!.asp
  • Allrecipes: Hamantashen
  • - Recipes - Purim
    Hamantaschen cookie recipes for celebrating Purim.,1-0,purim,FF.html
  • Traditional Hamantaschen
    Recipes for the well-known, tricornered cookies.
Jewish Hanukkah
  • Better Homes and Gardens: Hanukkah Recipes
    Includes brisket, latkes, challah, and sweets.
  • A Hanukkah of Mixed Traditions
    Selection of vegetarian dishes.
  • How We Celebrate: Hanukkah Food
    Contains recipes for potato latkes, marshmallow dreidels, dough balls, and sufganiyot-doughnuts. From the Jewish Outreach Institute.
  • Pastry Wiz Chanukah Recipes
    Includes recipes for latkes, brisket, and mandlebread.
  • "A Great Miracle Happened There"
    Stories and recipes focused on the traditional foods of Hanukkah.
  • RFCJ Recipe Archive: Hanukkah
    Includes Hanukkah entrees, desserts, and vegetable dishes as well as an extensive list of latke recipes.
  • Hanukkah Recipes
    Features recipes for several different kinds of latkes.
  • Chanukah Recipes
    Includes appetizers, side dishes, entrees, and desserts.
  • Virtual Chanukah: Recipes
    Includes doughnuts, latkes, and apple sauce.
  • Allrecipes: Happy Hannukah
    Collection of Hanukkah menus and recipes, cooking hints, homemade food gift ideas, and stories. Includes a guide to making perfect latkes.
  • Allrecipes: Hannukah, O' Chanukkah!
    Features latkes, entrees, and desserts.
  • Hanukkah
    Includes recipes for pot roast, rugelach, latkes, and challah stuffing from chefs Joan Nathan, Mark Strausman, and David Scribner.
  • Happy Chanukah! Chanukah Recipes
    Features a long list of Hanukkah recipes.
  • Hanukkah Recipes
    Features recipes for brisket, latkes, soup, soofganiyot, and more.
  • Akhlah: Hanukkah Recipes
    Features recipes for latkes and sweets.
  • Food Network: Hanukkah
    Offers latke, blintz, and jelly doughnut recipes for Hanukkah.,1972,FOOD_9837,00.html
  • Epicurious: Hanukkah
    Recipes and menus for Hanukkah. Includes classic potato and other latke recipes as well as Sephardic and Italian menus.
  • Chef Mom: The Eight-Day Festival of Hanukkah
    Features recipes for latkes, applesauce, and doughnuts.
  • Chanukah Recipes
    Features different varieties of latkes.
  • Good Housekeeping: Hanukkah Sweets
    Includes recipes for gelt and rugelach.,1287...
  • Chanukah Recipes
    Includes latkes, applesauce, and desserts.
  • Traditional Chanukah Recipes
    Includes traditional latkes, kremzlach (Czechoslovakian latkes), sufganiyot, and more.
Jewish Latkes
  • Food Network: Potato Latkes
    Recipe from Wolfgang Puck.,1977,FOOD_9936_17412,00.html
  • The Mensch Chef: Grated Potato Latkes
    Cookbook author Mitchell Davis' recipe.
  • Allrecipes: Latkes
    Offers latke recipes complete with ratings, reviews, and baking tips.


Jewish Sufganiyot


Jewish Holiday Recipes
  • Sweet Foods of the High Holy Days on the Net
    Features traditional recipes for Rosh Hashanah.
  • RFCJ Recipe Archive: Rosh Hashanah
    Large collection of traditional Rosh Hashanah recipes including soups, salads, side dishes, entrees, and desserts.
  • Classic Jewish-Food Recipe Archives: High Holidays
    Collection of recipes ranging from main dishes to sweets.
  • Allrecipes: Rosh Hashanah
    Index of recipes for the Jewish holiday including applesauce noodle kugel, apricot chicken, and honey bread.
  • Epicurious: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
    Offers make-ahead recipes and menu ideas for Rosh Hashanah's apples and honey as well as feasts to break the Yom Kippur fast.
  • Epicurious: Break the Fast
    Table-ready recipes that can be prepared in advance beacause after a day of fasting, you're ready to feast.
  • High Holiday Recipes
    Recipes and suggestions for enhancing your Rosh Hashanah feasts and pre-Yom Kippur and breakfast meals. Includes chicken, honey cake, and tzimmes recipes.
  • Rosh Hashanah Recipes
    Traditional holiday recipes for meat, poultry, fish, challah, tzimmis, kugel, desserts, and more.


Jewish Passover Recipes
  • Passover on the Net: Recipes
    Traditional and non-traditional dishes for Passover.
  • Twin Groves: Passover Dessert Recipes
    Recipes for a number of kosher for Passover desserts.
  • Beit HaChatulim: Vegetarian Pesach Recipes
    Features a few vegetarian Pesach, or Passover, recipes.
  • Passover Cuisine - Not Just Small Potatoes
    Offers several Sephardic and Ashkenazic recipes for Passover.
  • Vegetarian Fat-Free Passover Recipes
    Passover recipes include matzo balls, potato kugel, tzimmes, desserts, and more.
  • Twin Groves: Passover Recipes
    Offers Passover recipes for main and side dishes as well as desserts.
  • Epicurious: Passover
    Features gourmet variations on traditional Passover recipes like charoset, matzoh balls, and macaroons.
  • Passover
    Shares Passover food alerts and Pesach recipes.
  • Recipezaar: Passover Recipes
    Collection of user-rated Passover recipes.
  • Matzo Ball Savvy
    Offers information on making chicken broth and Ashkenazic and Sephardic recipes.
  • Kosher Cooking: Passover Recipes
    Breakfast, meat and poultry, side dishes, and desserts for Passover.
  • Mimi's Cyber Kitchen: Passover Recipes
    Includes Passover recipes for gefilte fish, haroset, Israeli upside-down apple cake, onion kugel, orange sponge cake, roast lamb, and tzimmes.
  • Passover Seder
    Features recipes for the Passover Seder as well as history of the holiday, rituals, traditions, and kosher for passover laws.
  • Flourless Orange Cake
    A dairy-free cake made from whole oranges and flavored with almonds. Can also be made with clementines, kumquats, or lemons. Includes a kosher variant for Passover.
  • Kosher for Passover: Recipes
    Features a large selection of Passover recipes and links to other recipes sites.
  • AMF International: Passover Recipes
    Features traditional Passover recipes for haroset, matzah ball soup, tzimmes, beef brisket, and desserts.
  • Passover Recipes
    Includes Passover recipes for gefilte fish, chicken soup with vegetables, and matzah balls.
  • Ruth Reingold's Passover Recipes
    Includes Passover recipes for gefilte fish, chicken soup, desserts, and more.
  • Italian Passover Recipes site featuring Passover recipes from The Classic Cuisine of the Italian Jews.
  • Classic Passover Foods
    Includes background and history on preparing the Seder plate, aas well as recipes for such classics as borsht and matzah balls.
  • Epicurious: Passover Menu
    Spring meal that's perfect for Passover with an easy soup, cumin and coriander braised lamb, matzo scallion pancakes, and berries in red-wine syrup on toasted-almond meringues.
  • Epicurious: Passover Dinner for Six
    Features recipes for a dinner for six.
  • Starchefs: Passover Recipes
    Features Passover recipes from Joan Nathan, Joyce Goldstein, and others.
  • Flourless Chocolate Honey-Almond Passover Cake
    A buttery treat decorated with almonds, apples, and honey. From Hershey's.
Jewish Shavuot
  • RFCJ Recipe Archive: Shavuot
    Features soup, blintz, kugel, and cheesecake recipes.
  • Beit HaChatulim Eats Dairy for Shavuot
    Personal page that includes vegetarian recipes for blintzes, applesause kugel, yogurt coffee cake, and home made ice cream to celebrate Shavuot.
  • jewish-food: Blintz Archives
    List of recipes for the Jewish holiday Shavuot, including blintz, cheese, and more dairy-based recipes.
  • Shavuot Recipes
    Dessert recipes for Shavuot, the universal Jewish holiday where dairy foods are traditionally eaten to celebrate the harvest season.
  • Shavuot Recipes Index
    Extensive archive of recipes for sweets and savories emphasizing the use of dairy. From the Jewish Food Mailing List Archive.


Jewish Purim
  • Chocolate Heaven for Purim
    Recipes for luscious Purim shalach manot treats that go beyond fruit and the obligatory hamantashen.
  • Jewish-Food Recipe Archives: Purim
    Recipes for cookies, pastries, and other Purim treats.
  • Purim Recipes
    Includes Purim menus and recipes including hamantashen, kreplach, and challah bread.
  • Purim Recipes# 3
    Assorted Purim recipes include manicotti, Persian stew, tsimmes with vegetables and beef, cookies, hamantasch, and more.
  • Purim Recipes #2
    Assortment of Purim recipes for kreplach, poppyseed cake, Linzer torte, and hamantashen with various fillings.
  • Purim Recipes #1
    Assortment of Purim recipes including chicken vegetable soup, kichels, challah, borek, and various hamataschen.
  • Allrecipes Advice: Celebrate Purim
    Offers background on Purim as well as recipes for the celebration that fortifies the unity of the Jewish community.
  • Hamentashen and Purim Dinner Recipes
    Purim recipes include a selection of mishloach manot (for filling gift baskets), and inspired meat and vegetable dishes like eggplant or chicken with pomegranate, Moroccan vegetable stew, and Persian lamb and apricots.
  • Purim Recipes
    From artichoke soup to cheesecakes to hamantaschen with three fillings.
  • Purim Blast
    fun ideas for the seudah (Purim meal) with tasty iecipes for Italian, Hawaiian, Jamaican, and Thanksgiving themed menu celebrations.
  • Inspire New Purim Traditions
    Festive purim recipes for a giant hamantash and sweet challahs studded with chocolate chips and one spruced up with honey and an orange glaze.
  • Remembering Purim in Iraq
    Discussion of Purim traditions with Iraqi recipes for small pastry crescents filled with chicken and vegetables (sambusk) and donuts prepared by drizzling dough into hot oil (zangula).
  • Purim on Mimi's Cyber Kitchen
    Recipes for Purim hamantaschen, moscardini, pralines, and even ravioli.


Choc, Slovakia Mountainlake view

 Eastern Europe General Food Recipes

General Eastern European Recipes


  1. Cuisine and Eastern Europe 1,427 Recipes | Recipezaar

  2. Eastern European Recipes and Cooking with Eastern European

  3. Eastern European Recipes and other nutrition resources at ...

  4. Eastern European Recipes - European Recipes - All Recipes

  5. Bulgarian Cuisine Dishes, Bulgarian Food Recipes,Delicious Eastern ...

  6. Other Eastern European Recipes

  7. Eastern European Recipes at

  8. ZerGut  Mediterranean and Eastern European Appetizer Recipes

  9. Eastern European Recipes - European Recipes - All Recipes

  10. Margarita's International Recipes

 Bulgarian table




Dune Sahara

100 din (1955)

Winter house

Church Hunedoara

Russian Ortodox Church


Josefovo, Praha


bled 1

ptuj 1

St. Petersburg 10

Rogla  5
Old castle and church
House with flowers
Old city Vrbnik
winter tree


Mountains from Romania
Red Square in March
Dune Sahara
Senior woman
romanian money
Russian Church
ptuj 2
Old Salwator
Russian nesting dolls
russian orthodox church
Reaching to Heaven
Matrioshka - Nesting Dolls
Old town in winter
Bulgarian Band
Tsarevo 1
Green fields 4
Prague Night Scene
Prague, evening
stone house
street of Riga
Yakovlev Yak52 24
hide and seek

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